Queen – Lily Of The Valley

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2020-12-09 Queen – Lily Of The Valley

 (Freddie Mercury/Queen.  From the classic albumn _Sheer Heart
 There`s a small timing change - to 2/4? - at the end of the
 Chorus.  Just play along with the recording and you`ll get it
 easily enough.  Chords repeated in parentheses are just there to
 guide the rhythm a bit.
   C          G7                 Am  (add g bass)
 I am forever searching high and low
 Am                              Dm
 But why does every body tell me no?
 (Dm)           G        C      Dm7    G
 Neptune of the seas, an answer for me please
     C    Dm7    G              Am   Dm   Am  Dm
 The lily of the valley doesn`t know
       (Dm)    A7/C#m   C#dim  Dm   
      I lie in wait with open  eyes
        (Dm)  C7                F
      I carry on through stormy skies
        (F)          C          C7            C 
      I follow every course, my kingdom for a horse
          F    C/E   Dm  C    G
      But each time  I   grow old
      C       Dm7    G       C        Dm7   G
      Serpent of the Nile, relieve me for a while
      C       F         G         Am7       G  C
      cast me from your spell and let me go
 Messenger from seven seas has flown
 To tell the king of Rhye he`s lost his throne
 Wars will never cease, is there time enough for peace?
 The lily of the valley doesn`t know
 Extro:    Am    G|C
 (beats)   / / / / / (hold)
 Strange chords:  
 Dm7 = xx0211 
 C#dim = xx1212
 A7/C# = x42020
 Am7 = x02213
 C/E = xx2010
 Also, I prefer playing C and G as 332010 and 320033 respectively,
 but I don`t know that it matters much.
 submitted by:
 Ted Hermary 
 [email protected]

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