Depeche Mode – Higher Love

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2020-12-05 Depeche Mode – Higher Love
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Depeche Mode
SONG: HIGHER LOVE -- Songs of Faith and Devotion
[1]  Am Em
I can taste more than feel
This burning inside is so real
I can almost lay my hands upon
The warm glow that lingers on
C             Em
Moved, lifted higher
C             Em
Moved, my soul's on fire
C     Bb    Am           Em
Moved, by a higher love
I surrender all control
To the desire that consumes me whole
And leads me by the hand to infinity
That lies in wait at the heart of me
Moved, lifted higher
Moved, my soul's on fire
Moved, by a higher love
C7                  Bb
Heaven bound on the wings of love
C7                           Bb
There's so much that you can rise above
D#            Gm
Moved, lifted higher
D#  Gm D#  C#       Cm           Gm
Moved, moved, by a higher love
     Cm             Gm
By a higher love
I surrender heart and soul
Sacrificed to a higher goal
D#  Cm D#  C#      Cm            Gm
Moved, moved by a higher love
     Cm              Gm
By a higher love
From: Viktor Holubek
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