Bon Jovi – I Got The Girl

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2021-04-30 Bon Jovi – I Got The Girl
Intro:  A  |  Esus4  | x2 (strum lightly)

A                            Esus4                   A    Esus4
It feels like I-m walking on air, when I walk down your street
          A                             Esus4            A Esus4
And the neighbours stop to watch us go by you can hear them talking.
     A                                 Esus4           A  Esus4
Sometimes I think that you-re the one reason, the sun still shines
            A                           Esus4
When this wicked world starts bringing me down
                    A            Dsus2
I tell myself that I am, one, lucky guy

           D             G
I got the girl, (holding all the cards)
           D              G
I got the girl, (She-s a work of art)
           D            G               D
I got the girl, (Who-s gonna, break my heart)
She likes to wear her stripe with her plaids,
She won-t brush her hair, I swear
She don-t like wearing shoes in December, but I don-t care
What she wears

If I was a holy man I-d get down on my knees
So the angels that watch over her would give a break to me
Holy mother of saint bubble gum and sister band-aid knees
Won-t you please, pray for ones like me?

Solo: Once again I can-t tell you the chords they 
are too well disguised. Sorry
But the truth is some day somebody, is gonna take her away
But the queen of hearts will always a five-year-old princess to me
To me

End: Chorus  x2

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