Alai Oli – Natty Dread

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2021-03-17 Alai Oli – Natty Dread
Natty natty dread, natty natty bway
                         F                            G
Comon to dancefloor, let selectah play roots for i and i
Natty natty dread, natty natty bway
                         F                   G
Comon take my hand in the name of Jah Rastafari!

Now it's summer time, and splliff afta spliff
We smoke and say Jah love and Jah alive
Mi burn da Babylon with love in my soul,
So come with me, bway, dansin' reggae on dancefloor

Sun is shining bright, weather is so good,
Dreadlocks, dancehall, Ital life and Ital food
Me liva awhile a nyabingy style.
Jah bless me, Jah get me my way mile after mile

Oh when the moon goes up
Oh when the Sun goes down
Me and my dreadlock moving to uptown
And the sensation simila to you carees
Stand in love, take my hand and love and Jah Jah bleeeeees!

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