33miles – Stand Amazed

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2024-03-06 33miles – Stand Amazed
Capo 2 
INТRО: F#m D A E F#m D A E 
 A  E  
I don't really know how long forever is  
 F#m   A/C#  D  A/C#  D  E  
But that's how long I’m gonna give my life  
 A  E  
Everything I face, it tries to tear me down  
 F#m   A/C#  D  Bm  D  E  
No I won’t back away from the sacrifice  
 E  D  E  
I won't forget what you’re love means to me  
 F#m   E  
You're always there to light my way  
 D  A  F#m    
When all the lights go down and the world is quiet  
 E  D  
No one is around  
 A  F#m    
I wanna be the same man that will serve you then  
Like I serve you now  
 D  F#m   E  
That my convictions never change  
 A/C#  D  
О let my need my need for you remain  
 F#m   E  
As real as the moment I was saved  
I will always stand amazed  
F#m  D  A  E
Verse 2:
Sometimes my heart desires such selfish things 
When the moment comes help me to trust 
Something better that you have for me 
If I could just hold on to you enough 
I won't forget what you're love means to me 
Youre always there to light my way  
 D                A             E  
You will be my strength when I am weak 
 F#m                                   E       A  
When I wanna give in and not turn the other cheek 
 F#m               A             D             F#m E  
Let this be the prayer that I speak, That I speak

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