Sting – Little Wing

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2020-12-12 Sting – Little Wing
Verse 1: 
           Em                G
Now she's walking through the clouds 
        Am                        Em
With a circus mind that's running wild 
 Bm                    A#m          Am    C      G
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams, and fairy tales 
                     F            C                  D             
That's all she ever thinks about is... riding with the wind...
Verse 2: 
             Em             G
When I'm sad,  she comes to me 
         Am                            Em
With a thousand smiles she gives to me free 
 Bm               A#m         Am     
It's alright she says, it's alright 
 C                 G           F  C      D 
Take anything you want from me... Anything...
Outro: (guitar solo) (fade out)

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