Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash

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2021-02-25 Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash
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From: [email protected] (   Junacko)
The chords to Jumpin' Jack Flash (as I hear it) are B, D, A, and E.
The opening riff (also, the middle section) is just B-E-D repeated (3 times
for the Intro, 4 for in the middle) followed by B strummed a few times.
During the verses, the riff is the simple
The Chorus is
  B        D     A         E
  But it's al----right     now,
  in fact it's a gas....
  B        D     A
  But it's al----right
  E                          B
  Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas gas gas!
That's the chord progression.  If anyone knows the counter-melody played
during the Chorus, please post it.
The opening section to Brown Sugar is
     C   G     C    F
      repeat 4 times
    Eb    Eb11   Eb    C    C11  C     Ab     Bb   F        C
      repeat 2 times
    -- Scott @Brandeis

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