Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

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2020-12-15 Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
G6                      A7       G6   A7
 Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?
D7           Am7  D7           G         Am7 G
 Caught in a land-slide; no es-cape from re -ality.

Em                    G7                  C    C/B
 Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.
Am                    D7
 I'm just a poor boy,  I need no sympathy, because I'm;

Ab    G     F#  G
Easy come, easy go,
Ab      G     F#     G
Little high, little low.

C            G         
Any way the wind blows, 
 Bbdim           D7               G
doesn't really matter to me...to me.

Verse 1:
G           Em
Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head, 
           Am7               D
pulled my trigger, now he's dead.
G               Em
Mama, life had just begun.
    Am7               Ab+       C     D Dm
But now I've gone and thrown it all a-way.
C      G/B Am          Dm
 Mama, oo -ooh, didn't mean to make you cry.
   G              G7                 C
If I'm not back a-gain, this time to-morrow;
      C/B       Am         Dm             C
Carry on, carry on...as if nothing really matters.

Interlude: C F C Cdim Dm7 G

Verse 2:
G             Em
Too late; my time has come,
     Am                            Am7            D
Sent shivers down my spine, body's achin' all the time.
G                        Em
Goodbye everybody; I've got to go.
      Am7              Ab+      C        D  Dm
Gotta leave you all be-hind and face the truth.
C      G/B Am   Dm               Fdim
 Mama, oo -ooh,  I don't want to die.
  G                  G7                 C
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.

Guitar Solo: C G/B Am Dm Fdim G G7 C
             Em Am D Bb Gm F#

*Tempo Change*

Bridge 1:
B  F#    F#dim  F#    B     F#   F#dim
I see a little silho-uetto of a man.
B     F#     B    F#                 F#dim   B   F#
Scar-mouch, Scar-mouch, will you Do the Fan-dan-go?
Bb                 F           A          C#7     F# (n.c.)
Thunder bolts and lightening; very, very frightening me.

Galileo, (Galileo), Galileo, (Galileo Figaro).

Ab   G      F#   G    Ab G    F#    G
I'm just a poor boy, no-body loves me.
F      C    Cdim C    F    C      Cdim  C
(He's just a    poor boy, from a poor  family,
F              C              D7        G
Spare him his life from this monstrosi-ty).

Break: F C Adim Dm7

Ab    G     F#   G   Ab       G     Gdim
Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?

Bridge 2:
G    C   G
Gsus4    G        Gsus4   G
(No! We will not let you go!)
(Let him go!)
G    C   G
Gsus4    G        Gsus4   G
(No! We will not let you go!)
(Let him go!)

G    C   G
Gsus4    G        Gsus4   G
(No! We will not let you go!)
(Let him go!)
Gsus4  G   Gsus4 G
(Will not let   you go), let me go!
Gsus4  G   Gsus4 G
(Will not let   you go), let me go!
Gsus4  G   Gsus4 G
(Will not let   you go),
Let me go-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh.

Abm F# B  Bb  Eb G  C
No no no no, no no no.

(n.c.)                        C   F   C  G
Oh mama-mia, mama-mia, mama-mia let me go!
   C    F          B7          Em       G
Be-elze-bub, has a Devil put a-side for me, for me, for me...

Guitar Solo: C D7

Chorus 1:
G7      C             G            C          G Bb
So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
G7      C             G           C           F
So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
Dm   G    Dm                    G
Oh, baby, can't Do this to me, baby.
Dm7             G    Dm7            G           C
Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.

Guitar Solo: C G7 C

Interlude: (Slower Tempo)
G Am E Am E7 Am
G7 C B Em F C

Am              Em      Am          Em
Nothing really matters, anyone can see.
Am              Fm       F                       C F C
Nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me.

Interlude: Cdim G Bbmaj7 A Gdim A D

G    D       Adim A7 D
Any way the wind blows.

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