Pixies – Nimrods Son

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2021-03-17 Pixies – Nimrods Son
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xies -- NIMROD'S SON
(From the 'Come On Pilgram' album)
Still not sure what this one means (of course, that goes for
most every Pixies song) but you could certainly guess that
Black Francis isn't too crazy about his parents.  And of course
I've murdered the lyrics again.
Some chords you will need:
  C#  G#  G   F#  F#/E A  B  D
s=slide   b=bend   r=release
[Intro chords:]
C#   G# G F#  F#/E [repeats]
[Solo starting third measure]
[Continue Intro chords]
One night I upon my motorcycle
And smashed my body so that
All my friends thought I was dead
My sister held me close
and whispered to my bleeding head
'You are the son of a mother-fucker'
one two three four
I stood all night and held her hand
   G                                C#  G# G F# F#/E
The tropic heat well I'll be damned
Land of plenty, land of fun
G                                C#  G# G F# F#/E   C#  G# G F# F#/E
To find out I'm Nimrod's Son
B         A            G
  Oh bury me  far away please
Bury me
[Repeat this]
[And then add the chords:]
C# D B C#  C# D B C#
The joke is not upon me
In my motorcycle mirror
I think about the life I've had
And how my soul's in pink[?]
and the holes where I had bled
My image spoke to me
Yes to me and upped and said
'You are the son of incestuous union'
One two three
Now my head is clear
My  bought
My daughter's pure
My son is whole
Land of plenty, land of fun
To find out I'm Nimrod's Son
Oh bury me  far away please
Bury me
The joke is not upon me

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