Oasis – It’s Better People

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2021-01-02 Oasis – It’s Better People
Intro: E B F#m A 
Verse 1:
E B F#m 
It's better people love one another, 
A E B F#m A 
cos livin' your life can be tough 
It's better people speak to each other 
Your shame is not enough 
If everybody came alive and stayed alive 
And lived their lives instead, yeah 
So come outside and feel the light 
It's cold outside but it's lonely in your bed, in your bed 
F# B 
You thought we might be 
But what your heard before 
Was only sleepin' in your brain 
F# B 
But if you came with me 
the days'd never end 
Would never be the same 
B A F# 
Saaa-aaaaaa-ame, they'd never be the 
B A F# 
Saaa-aaaaaa-ame, never be the 
B A F# 
REPEAT VERSE 1, using same chord progression
Final Chorus:
They'd never be the same 
They'd never ne the same 
They'd just go by a different name 
They'd never be the same

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