Oasis – I Will Believe

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2021-03-23 Oasis – I Will Believe
I Will Believe
D      A      G        D
Locked up in chains for the rest of my life
        A        G  D
There's no one else to blame but me
D       A      G        D
Start up with days just the end of the night
    A       G       D
I'm feeling like I'm lost at sea
A    G    D        A  G       D
Sometimes it just seems so simple, I'm feeling like I'm down on my knees
A   G     D       Em  D    G
Sometimes like a man in the middle, I don't know my own mind,
Won't you let me be...
		 D         C
Cause I can find you, living in my world
	    A          D
Dragging me round just like a dog on a lead
	   F   G
But when I find my own piece of mind, I...
	 E  A
I will believe
(repeat first verse and Chorus 2x)

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