Lady Gaga – Captivated

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2021-11-24 Lady Gaga – Captivated
Bb           Dm
One look and I'm done 
One glance from your eyes 
And I'm captivated 
Bb           Dm
The taste of your skin 
The warmth of your hungry lips 
   Ebm         Bb
Has me so taken and I 
      Dm              Ab
Love the way you can make me dance 
From miles away 
Bb         Dm       Ab
When I'm with you I'm so sedated 
     Ebm     Bb
I'm captivated by you 

You're just like the wind 'cuz 
Everything moves away when you're around it 

The sun is just like the sound of 
your voice in the morning 
When you light my world up and I 
Love the way you can make me dance From miles away 

When I'm with you I'm never jaded, 
I'm captivated 

I'll never stop believing 
      Ab           Ebm
In this crazy love we're leading 
Oh, sugar, 
Hold me closer, 
Make me sweeter, 
I need ya, 
I love you 

So, please, show me that smile 
Make me laugh for just a little while 
Then breathe me one breath 
I only need one to fill the emptiness 

Love the way you can make me dance 
From miles away 
It's been so long but now, 
I've waited and I'm captivated

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