Христианские песни – Wish

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2021-02-04 Христианские песни – Wish
B C#m F# B F# 

Wish, to our Dearest Lord and wish to all of you 
That we can all be one Christ, Oh Dear Lord 
Together we could do your own will 
And love you Lord all the best that we can 
Love all people enemies and friends 
So we must start today and wish it be right now 
That we can all bring light and hope to others 
Together we could guide and inspire them 
Let them express all the love that they have 
And share the gifts they received from God 
So we must start today and wish it be right now 
All these wishes will may come true 
To fulfill our obligations 
Duties and our promises 
As being one, united family 
And in this song we show how much we care 
Be helping hands 
So we can start now 
All over and over again

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guitar chord B
guitar chord C#m
guitar chord F#

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