Green Day – Walking contradiction

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2021-01-16 Green Day – Walking contradiction
From: [email protected]
 Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 22:02:07 -0400
 Subject: walking contradiction by green day
 Walking Contradiction
 B	B(PM)...
 E D A E
 Do as l say and not as l do
 E  D  A
 Because the shit's so thick you can't run away.
 E  D A E
 I beg to differ and on the contrary,
 E  D  A
 L agree with every word that you say.
 E  D A E
 Talk is cheap and lies are expensive,
 E  D A
 My wallet's fat and so is my head.
 E  D A E
 Hit and run and then l'll hit you again,
 E D  A
 I'm a smart-ass but l'm playing dumb.
 E D B E D B
 E D A E E D A
 E D  A E
 Standards set and broken all the time,
 E D A 
 Control the chaos from behind a gun.
 E  D A E
 Call it as l see it even if
 E  D A
 I was born deaf, blind and dumb.
 E D A E
 Losers winning big on the lottery,
 E D A
 Rehab rejects still sniffing glue.
 E D A E
 Constant refutation with myself,
 E D A
 I'm a victim of a catch-22.
 E D B
 I have no belief.
 E D B  E DA E
 But I believe, I'm a walking contradiction.
 E  D A
 And, l ain't got no right.
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