Green Day – Going To Pasquala

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2020-12-15 Green Day – Going To Pasquala
 A E
Here we go again
 D A
Infatuation touches me just when i thought that it would end
 A E
Oh, but then again it seems much more than that
 D A
But, I'm not sure exactly what you're thinkin'

 D A E
Well, I toss and turn all night thinkin' of your ways of affection
 D A
But, to find out it's not different at all
 D A
Well, I throw away my past mistakes and
contemplate my future
That's when I say
What the hey?

Would I last forever?
You and I together
hand in hand we run away
I'm in for nasty weather
But, I'll take whatever you can give that comes my way


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