Elvis Presley – Old Shep

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2021-01-07 Elvis Presley – Old Shep
   G               Em        A
       D                      G
Over hills and meadows we'd stray
                     Em            A
Just a boy and his dog, we were both full of fun
     D                     G
We grew up together that way
    C                        G
I remember the time at the old swimming hole
                                    A - D
When I would have drowned beyond doubt
      G              Em            A
Old Shep was right there, to the rescue he came
     D                            G
He jumped in and helped pull me out

His eyes were fast growing dim
And one day the doctor looked at me and said
I can do no more for him Jim
With hands that were trembling, I picked up my gun
And aimed it at Shep's faithful head
But  I just couldn't do it, I wanted to run
I wished they would shoot me instead.

He laid his poor head on my knee
I stroked the best friend a man ever had
I cried 'til I scarcely could see
Old Shep, he has gone where the good doggies go
No more with Old Shep will I roam
But if dogs have a heaven, there's one thing I know
Old Shep has a wonderful home.

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