Depeche Mode – Nodisco

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2021-03-13 Depeche Mode – Nodisco
Вступление:Cm B Cm
I saw you in the picture
I saw you play the part
B             Cm       
This ain't nodisco
There's a thousand watts in you
You take this too far
This ain't nodisco
 F                                 G
Sometimes when I wonder if you're taking a chance
This ain't nodisco
And you know how to dance
Cm           F  
Move me disco
Cm                 F
Baby don't you let go
This ain't nodisco
Проигрыш:Cm Cm Eь B Cm
Part one Act one
Everyone pretend
This ain't nodisco
This is more a story
And we're reaching the end
This ain't nodisco
Always makes me happy when you're taking a chance
This ain't nodisco
And you know how to dance
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