Coldplay – Ufo

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2021-04-13 Coldplay – Ufo
Intro: G/E   Gadd9/D    Gmaj7/C    G 

     G/E         Dadd11   G     Gmaj7/C 
Lord I don't know which way I am going
Cadd9   Gmaj7/C       G      Gmaj7/C
Which way rivers gonna flow
       G/E       Dadd11        G      Gmaj7/C 
It's just seems that upstream, I keep rowing
Cadd9          Gmaj7/C   G      G
Still got such a long way to go
Cadd9          Gmaj7/C   G      Gmaj7/C
Still got such a long way to go
       G         Am11/C
Then that light, it's your eyes
 A7Sus4                       Am11/C
I know, I swear, we'll find somewhere the streets 
are made of gold
      G         Am11/C
Bullet's fly, split the sky,
   A7Sus4                          Am11/C 
But that's all right, sometimes, sunlight comes 
streaming through the holes

Outro: G   Am11/C   A7Sus4   Am11/C   

Coldplay - Ufo аккорды

guitar chord G
guitar chord Cadd9

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