Brainstorm – Ain’t It Funny

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2021-05-20 Brainstorm – Ain’t It Funny
  G              D
Roads, another nameless city, 
 Em             C        G D Em C
Hitchikers with no money
Well, you drive, I sit behind you, 
Wake me when you're tired too
Being far from usual places, 
Leaving all the boring faces
Destination, I don't know, 
'cos all I know I've got to go
	 Am      C         G
	Ain't it funny anyway, 
	  G                        D
	How sometimes we wanna get away
Morning tea, aluminium spoon, 
Evening dances under the full moon
Two of us up on the car, 
Laying on the roof to watch the stars
	Chorus > 2x
Roads, another nameless city, 
Hitchikers with no money
I'm driving now, you are asleep, 
And I'm just about to weep
Going back to usual places, 
Longing for the boring faces
Destination, I don't know 
And do I really want to go

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