Bowie David – The Supermen

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2021-01-25 Bowie David – The Supermen
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From: Harlan L Thompson 


F*   G*
When all the world was very young
And mountain magic heavy hung
The supermen would walk in file 
Guardians of a loveless isle
      Am                 Am/G            F
And gloomy browed with superfear their tragic endless lives
Could heave nor sigh
In solemn, perverse serenity 
                             F*    G*
Wonderous beings chained to life

Chorus #1:
 F        G                         F    G
Strange games they would play then, no death for the perfect men
Ab     Bb                      Am   F        Ab      C
Life rolls into one for them, so softly a supergod cries

Where all were minds in uni-thought
Power wierd by mystics taught
No pain, no joy, no power too great
Colossal stength to grasp a fate
Where sad eyed mermen tossed in slumber
Nightmare dreams no mortal mind could hold
Man would tear his brother's flesh
A chance to die, to turn to mold

Chorus #2:
Far out in the red sky, far out from the sad eyes
Strange, mad celebration, so softly a supergod cries

Chorus #3:
Far out in the red sky, far out from the sad eyes
Strange, mad celebration, so softly, a supergod dies

F*: alternate bass notes between F and E
G*: alternate bass notes between G and E

NOTE: From The Man Who Sold the World, 1971, but I figured this out from 
the more acoustic bonus track version on (I think) Hunky Dory.
This is just my best guess- any improvements are welcome.

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