Bon Jovi – Love Lies

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2021-04-09 Bon Jovi – Love Lies
Intro: F#m  Bm  C#m  F#m (C#m - E)  
       F#m  Bm  C#m  F#m  
VERSE: (Same chords as Intro) 
I was lost, then I found you   
I never thought it would be this way.  
Showed you my heart, I left it unguarded,  
like a thief in the night you stole it away.  
 F#m             D              E           
Now you're gone, the pain goes on and on.  
 F#m                                            D  
I still hear you whispering to me through the shadows of the night.  
 F#m                                     D  
Love lies, you're just a victim of the headlines.  
You're running on into a cold night.  
You're just a number of the love lies.  
All alone you call it survival,  
he lost at love to a stranger's lines.  
Walking the streets, searching with vengeance  
for a face that he dreams of night after night.  
Time goes on, all signs of life stolen, 
simple dreams were all broken.  
Best of times become desperation 
but how many tears must you cry to survive?  
Chorus x2 
   They met late one night in the city.  
   Both men knew only one would stay.  
   Scratched a picture of a heart on a bullet  
and took his life away.  
C#m – A - G# - C#m 
 C#m                                           A  
Love lies, you're just another victim of the headlines 
You're running on into a cold night 
Just a number of the love lie 

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