Bon Jovi – Just Older

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2021-02-11 Bon Jovi – Just Older
Just Older
Tabbed By: Mark Terkelsen
Chords used:
D5     E5    F#5   G5   A   G   B  Dsus
e-0    -0   -0    -0   -0  -3  -0  -0
B-0    -0   -0    -0   -2  -3  -4  -3
G-7    -9   -11   -12  -2  -0  -4  -2
D-7    -9   -11   -12  -2  -0  -4  -0
A-5    -7   -9    -10  -0  -2  -2  -0
E-0    -0   -0    -0   -0  -3  -0  -0
D5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 D5 (2x)
Hey man it's been a while do you remember me
        B                      A
When i hit these streets I was seventeen
A little wild and a little green
          B                     A
I've been up and down I've been in between
Through all these years and miles of memories
A                      B 
And I'm still chasing dreams
But I aint Looking over my shoulder
   D5       E5      F#5 G5 F#5 E5       
I like the bed I'm sleeping in
   D5       E5      F#5 G5 F#5 E5  
'Cos just like me it's broken in
     D    A        D
It's not old, Just older
   D5       E5      F#5 G5 F#5 E5  
Like a faded pair of torn blue jeans
   D5       E5      F#5 G5 F#5 E5  
The skin I'm in is alright with me
D    A             D
It's not old, Just older
It's good to see your face, it ain't no worse for wear
breathin that California air
When we took on the world we were young and brave
We've got secrets now we'll take to the grave
Standing here shouder to shoulder

<pre class="Chorus“> G
I’m not old enough, to sing the blues
But I’ve worn the holes in the soles of these shoes
When they roll the dice of call your bluff
D5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 D5 D5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 D5
But you can’t win when you’re not afraid ot lose

D5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 D5 A (2x)
Picked   A             
When I look in the mirror, I dont hate what i see
           G                     Dsus
There's a few more lines staring back at me
         A                       G
Now the night, has grow a little bit colder
Hey man I gotta run but you take care
        G                 Dsus
If you see Coach T. tell him I've cut my hair
I've kept my faith, i still believe I'm Just...Ha

<pre class="Chorus“>

D5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 D5 
Na, na, na
D5 E5 F#5 G5 F#5 E5 D5 
Na, na, na yeah
D     A       G   
It's not old, Just
This is my First Tab if u like what i did just E-mail me at [email protected]
for more Jovi Songs. 
Good Luck. Enjoy!

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