Beatles – Please Please Me (tab)

2020-02-17 Beatles – Please Please Me (tab)
 -|---/7--0---(bass only)------------------------------------0------------
   E                                  A  E     G  A  B
     Last night I said these words to my girl
   E                              A   E
     I know you ne - ver e - ven try girl
      A              F#m             C#m              A
 Come on         Come on         Come on         Come on
         Come on         Come on         Come on         Come on
           E           A       B         E  (repeat Intro riff)
 Please please me oh yeah like I please you.
 Verse 2:
 You don`t need me to show the way girl
 Why do I always have to say girl
 Repeat Chorus
 I don`t want to sound complaining
  B                                  E
 But you know there`s always rain in my heart
 I do all the pleasing with you
  B                           E
 It`s so hard to reason with you
      A       B               E  (repeat Intro riff)
 Oh yeah, why do you make me blue?
 Third verse same as the first,
 Repeat Chorus, but second line of Chorus is repeated three times, then :
 Ending chords are:
 E   G   C   B   E

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