Beatles – If I Fell

2020-02-17 Beatles – If I Fell
		If I fell in love with you
		Would you promise to be true
		         Db Bbm
		And help me understand
		'Cause I've been in love before 
		And found that love is more
		     Em           A7
		Than just holding hands

		     D(V)    Em F#m    Em
		If I give my heart to you
		  A7                     D(V)  Em F#m
		I must be sure from the very  start
		     Em        A7               D(V) Gm A7
		That you would love me more than her

		     D(V)     Em F#m
		If I trust in you
		   Em            A7
		Oh please, don't run and hide
		      D(V)   Em F#m
		If I love you too
		   Em            A7                  D7
		Oh please, don't hurt my pride like her
		Cause I couldn't stand the pain
		    Gm                        D           A7
		And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

		     D(V)    Em   F#m
		So I hope you'll see 
		     Em      A7     
		That I would love to love you
		D(V)   Em   F#m    Em
		And that she will cry
		     A7               D7
		When she learns we are two
		     Gm               D
		If I fell in love with you

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