Beatles – I`ll Cry Instead (crd)

2020-02-14 Beatles – I`ll Cry Instead (crd)
               G       C9       G     C9    G    C9  G   C9
      I`ve got every reason on earth to be mad,
          G       C9      G     C9     D
      Cos I just lost the only girl I had
      If I could see you now, I`d try to make you say it somehow
             G               D      G
      But I can`t, so I`ll cry instead.
      I got a chip on my shoulder that`s bigger than my feet
      I can`t talk to people that I meet
      If I could get my way, I`d get myself locked up today
      But I can`t, so I`ll cry instead.
      Don`t wanna cry when there`s people there
      I get shy when they start to stare,
            D                          E7               A7       D7 
      I`m gonna hide myself away, but I`ll come back again some day
      And when I do you better hide all the girls
      I`m gonna break their hearts all round the world
      Yes I`m gonna break `em in two, 
      and show you what your lovin myn can do
      Until then I`ll cry instead.

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