Beatles – Babby It’s You

2020-02-11 Beatles – Babby It’s You
  G                 Em  
 Sha la la la la la la    
  G                 Em  
 Sha la la la la la la    
  G                 Em  
 Sha la la la la la la      
Verse 1: 
 I's not the way you smile 
 that touched my heart. 
 It's not the way you kiss 
 that tears apart. 
 But how many many many nights go by 
 Am                                  G             Em  
 I sit alone at home and i cry over you.What can I do? 
 C             D                    G   Em         G  
 Can't help myself cause baby it's you. Baby it's you. 
Verse 2: 
 C                                    G  
 You should hear what they say about you    cheat  cheat 
 C                                            G  
 They say they say you never never ever been true 
 Wo ho it doesn't matter what they say 
 I know I'm gonna love you any old way 
            G             Em  
 What can I do then it's true. 
 C                   D  
 Don't want nobody nobody 
                  G    Em         G  
 Cause baby it's you.  Baby it's you. 
Solo Chords: Em | C | D | G | G | D | G     

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