Avril Lavigne – Forgotten (Pro)

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2021-04-25 Avril Lavigne – Forgotten (Pro)
Cm               FmD   G 
I'm giving up on everything
Because you messed me up
Don't know how much you
Screwed it up
You never listened
That's just too bad
Because I'm moving on
I won't forget
You were the one that was wrong
I know I need to step up and be strong
Don't patronize me
             Cm  D#   
Have you forgotten
B       F          Cm   D#         
Everything that I wanted
           B     F
Do you forget it now
           Cm    D#
You never got It
        B      F   Cm
Do you get it now
Gotta get away
There's no point in thinking about yesterday
It's too late now
It won't ever be the same
We're so different now
I know I wanna run away
I know I wanna run away
B    F
Run away
If only I could run away
If only I could run away
Run away
I told you what I wanted 
I told you what I wanted 
What I wanted
But I was forgotten
I won't be forgotten
Never Again

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