Aerosmith – Draw The Line

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2021-01-20 Aerosmith – Draw The Line
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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 09:00:19 +0200 (METDST)
From: Paolo Di Lorenzo 
Subject: a/aerosmith/
			Draw the line by Aerosmith
This is my version of Draw the line. The song is quite simple and uses
mainly powerchords. There are in order : chords voicings, riff tablature
and chords of the song.
A5	577xxx
E5	022xxx
D5	x577xx
G5	355xxx
E	022100
     		   * let ring
E5						Fill
Checkmate honey; beat you at your own damn game
E5					Fill
No dice honey i'm living on a astral plane
E5							Fill
Feet's on the ground, and your head's going down the drain
   D5                        E5      G5
Oh,heads I win, tails you lose to the nevermind,
when to draw the line.
E5					Fill
Indian summer Carrie was all over the floor
E							Fill
She was a wet net winner and rarely ever left the store
E5								Fill
She'd sting and dance all night and wrong all the right out of me
D5        E5   G5
Pass me the vile and cross your fingers I don't take time
No where to draw the line
Solo     E5 A5
E5						Fill
Hiho Silver we were singing all your cowboy songs
E5						Fill
You told Carrie and promised her you wouldn't be long.
D5   E5   G5
Heads I win tails you lose Lord it's such a crime.
D5   E5    G5
No dice honey you the salt you're the queen of the brine
E5   D5   E5
Checkmate honey you the only one who's gotta choose
where to draw the line.

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